EcoSemiotics is semiotic analysis ‘as if the planet mattered’, putting the various semiotic ways of looking to work in order to find solutions to the present environmental crisis.

We have fused commercial semiotic analysis with the principles of Permaculture, a holistic, sustainable way of living based on observing nature as a complex system of inter-relations, and endeavouring to mimic and work with – rather than dominate – Her.

Ecosemiotics stresses the local, the tactile, and the real and invites us to ‘come back to our senses’

Our start point is the question ‘how would nature do it – how can we ‘think like an ecosystem?’ This is a more fluid way of looking, but also one which stresses a common truth or a uniting, long-term story, as opposed to breaking down – quasi-scientifically – culture into lots of discrete ‘codes’.

This will be of interest to organisations trying to make sense of complex and conflicting messaging about environmental issues.