About Semiotics

Semiotics is the analysis of communication and culture

It is an interpretive social science which is interested in how meaning is constructed, in signs and symbols, in the intricacies of language, in ways of seeing and ways of talking

Like our ability to talk, we take culture for granted. Our culture is part of us: we know it intuitively but it doesn’t get articulated by consumers in a traditional qualitative context

Semiotics takes everything that consumers don’t say as its ‘text’ and interrogates this text in a series of broader contexts: competitors, the wider culture etc. It uncovers the myths and stories by which we narrate our lives, and by which brands and categories present themselves.

As such it is a powerful tool when used to in a pre-creative context. By understanding how a category relates its story we can think our way into new spaces, providing a foundation for powerful new brand positioning, communication and innovation